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Coaching & Day Training

In both our coaching and day training programs, we address a wide range of issues you may be facing with your cherished canine companion.


We begin our coaching and day training services by setting up an initial consultation. During this consultation, we take the time to learn more about your training goals, your furry best friend, and their comprehensive learning, behavioral, and medical history.This invaluable information helps us create a tailored training plan that aligns perfectly with your needs and goals, ensuring the most effective and enjoyable learning experience for both you and your dog.


Our comprehensive topics include Loose Lead Walking, Leash Reactivity, Recall, Settling on a Mat, Counter Surfing, Overly Excited Greetings, Door Dashing, Window Barking, Chewing Habits, and fundamental life skills such as Introduction to Event Markers, Loose Lead Walking, Dog Socialization, Co-operative Care, Understanding Dog Body Language, Targeting Behaviors, Potty Training, and basic cues like Sit and Lay Down.


In our coaching program, we work closely with you one-on-one to tackle specific skills or behavioral challenges you are currently experiencing. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to work effectively with your dog, cater to their needs, and achieve your goals. We track our training sessions meticulously, progressively enhancing your skills with each session. It's important to note that the progress you make is directly related to the effort you invest.


By choosing our coaching program, you not only gain valuable insights into effective dog handling but also acquire the skills needed to meet your dog's needs and achieve your training goals. Our systematic approach, including session tracking, ensures steady progress. Keep in mind that your dedication and effort play a crucial role in the pace of improvement.


Day Training

With our day training service, we step in to work directly with your dog, addressing any skill or behavioral issue you're encountering. We take care of all the training work and, at the end of each week, transfer the acquired skills and knowledge to you. This approach allows you to benefit from our expertise while ensuring a smooth transition of training cues and techniques into your daily routine.


Opting for day training means we handle the training for you, streamlining the process. We pass on the acquired cues and knowledge to you, enabling you to maintain and reinforce your dog's training effectively.

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