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Meet Max

Max a white young adult male who is bald and is wearing blue jeans and a red polo shirt he is being kissed by his beagle

Hi I'm Max Lieberman, founder of Lieberdog and a KPA certified training partner.


My journey into dog training began when I welcomed Churchill, a loving Beagle, into my life in the summer of 2019. Churchill brought me love, joy, and companionship. Most importantly, he ignited my passion for working with animals; specifically dogs.

At Lieberdog, we offer a wide range of coaching and training aimed at elevating the wellbeing of your dog through positive reinforcement, shaping, humane hierarchy, and force-free methods resulting in positive changes in behaviour and development of life skills.

We are committed to offering your dog the best care and training!


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Best friends Shara and Carter a yellow lab

"Max helped us to control Carter's urge to jump on strangers when he gets overexcited. He started by breaking down the steps, including the triggers and response that Carter understands. This gave me the framework to tackle the behaviour in each separate phase. Max highlighted how best to use positive reinforcement and I've been able to translate these tips to teach Carter a variety of tricks and behaviours. He met me and Carter where were at, acknowledging what we already had mastered and in which areas we needed more support. I truly appreciated his guidance."

Shara, Toronto

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